we braved the storm...

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in the ceres valley in november of 2022...

...our apples, our pears, and our farmers had to stay strong to get through it. Their resilience is a super power, and it’s the reason you can buy your favourite pome fruits today.

Pick ‘n Pay is Stepping Up

Pick ‘n Pay is stepping up to support local farmers by selling unique looking apples and pears that are perfectly delicious.

Rich in vitamins

immune function

Heart Health

supports well-being

No Less Nutritious

We know some of them have spots, and we know you’ll love them all the same. Why? Because they’re as tasty as ever, and no less nutritious!

Show the love

Let’s show our love for the fruit that braved the storm, and Hail to the Heroes that feed our nation.

Available at a pick 'n pay

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